Saturday, April 21, 2012

Put Them In My List

Put them in my list:



Venice, Rome

New Zealand



eszyamin said...

sonoknye lau dapat pegi

Diyana Munira said...

New Zealand's a really nice place. Lots of cool nature sceneries that are not destroyed by development (hope it stays that way), but it's developed at the same time.

Plus.... that where they shot Narnia and Lord of the Rings (but I bet you know this already)!

Dosh Saleem said...

esyazmin: tu laa.. ni skarang tgh kerja keras kumpul duit nak gi tempat2 ni semua.hahah

DM: indeed! they are the place that i must go not less than 3 years from now. :D

sya hassan said...

paris??! that one is my fav place too.. bila la rezeki nk pi sane..

my brader ckp new zealand tmpat yg cantik.. so kalo encik dosh ade rzeki blh pi sana.. kalo blh.. please snap gambo byk2 ye.. huhu nk tgk.. hehe

Maly F said...

nak pegi new zealand jugak. jom !