Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 things i must do during this holiday.

Holiday surely heaven, but for two month it might be i've plan something for it..

1- Get Haircut! mom surely yell at me when seing my hair rite now.seriously macam penagih!haha..

2-Get fat! lah..actually just wanna gain weight..idon't knoe whether i can make it or not coz my high metabolism rate . last time i try nothing happened.=[

3-Goin' vacation! haha yeah..but im not decide yet where should i go. maybe perhentian or tioman.. it depend on my financelah. haha..

4-Get work! school teacher maybe.haha..from now on call me cikgu daus ye!

5-Searching for juliet..haha,no comment,i think maybe it's time already.

6-Driving License! yeah, im on my way.a bit lambat la for me who already 21 y old.

7-go online 24 hours. haha..


9-spend time with family.

10-i don't know yet.haha


+azry+ said...

dosh xde lesen lagi??

DoshDrake said...

tgh wat.haha..
dosh buat lambat la azry,
tkde duit nak buat awal2.
skung br ad.