Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the nerd@_@ is back!

at last my task is done! ALSA recruitment poster.i made it without using adobe photoshop k, just manually using paint.haha

as i said before, this week is the most hectic among all..
final exam is just around the corner n yet im still have so many things to settle before next week..n get time to do my final revision.hell ya! T_T
yeah, its getting tougher than by day week by week..
3 things already settle but there's come another three..
the cycle won't stop even for once! -_-"

interview with former Bar Council President, Dato' Ambiga Sreveenasan..
at Damansara Utama regarding the issue of Judicial Appointment Commission Act.
her idea was superb man!!!

ps:being a final year law student do make you appreciate time in last minutes. >_<

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