Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear me..

i think the time has come, for me to change everything..
to reconstruct thing that i suppose to..
back to the way that i should be in 4 years ago..
and become better than that..
yeah, 4 years has totally change me to another person...
i was completely different..
there have so much thing happened..
i learned so many thing in life in 4 years..
friendship, studies,loves,frustration, sadness and happiness..those memories and experience just made me become the way i am rite now...
its open wider the way i thinking about life..
i've been through lots of things..even sometimes its harsh for life but it made me even stronger inside..yeah i miss my old life sometime..
but yet i realise i must not always look back at those memories...
i've delete certain things...
n some i keep n remain it in my heart..
i won't look back anymore..
in every failure there are always hope ..
there is always happiness in life..
which make me won't give up..
everytime i fall there still a hand that will hold me back..
my family, my friends that always be with me in no matter how..
n thank to them that now i can stand by my own..
i just have aim and plan for my future life..

dear me: i just wanna happy ending.. =)


fadzioriq said...

gud luck bro~
Jgn sedih2, think positive and try to make yourself near to Allah, InsyaAllah you'll be fine~

DoshDrake said...

thanx bro..huhu