Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The man who walk on moon.

searching for juliette..

haha..sound kinda flirty isn't it? but nah..i don't really care what people said about me,

let them be..

for what i am, i know myself and i know what i want in life..


i've been searching for 2 years..but i got nothing.sometime i've been thinking..maybe its

my own prob.coz i don't know how to approach girl.haha.. i know it's kinda jerk.

but for my last exgirl she s the one who make move toward me... -_-"

i don't know how to make move.. how to begin the talk and whatever it front of the

person i admire, i'll always ackward, blurr and chaotic..huuh.

a friend of mine told me that i've to be cool.

"cover ur behaviour,be gentleman,be as nice as you can.that's the way i treat girls"

and i've been thinking..

hey i don't have to be supercooler guy!..

let them just accept me for what i am..the blurr and ackward guy.

i don't have to be anybody . Im just have to be myself,that's all..

one day they will know the true nature of that person.

"believe as what you are. not as people said about you.." that was from my best bud.

and that is what i believe now..n for that, naah i'll stop searching. one day ot will come to me.

no need to hurry.

jodoh pertemuan ditangan tuhan.haha

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